Company History

The Career Purveyors was founded by Bernardino T. Guingona as Operations Director and Gloria P. Mejia as its Managing Director as a local Private Employment Agency (PEA) firm under the auspices of the Department of Labor and Employment. Its primary objective is to bridge the gap between local employers and workers in the Food and Beverage Industry.

The Career Purveyors screens applicants according to their respective talents and eligibility to be placed within the framework of the Food Industry. Applications are processed and validated and finally linked with the corresponding employer.

Mission/Vision: Our mission is to uplift the quality of lives of the local work force by providing appropriate linkages that will enhance as well as maximize their capacity to perform in the local Hospitality, Food & Beverage, and Retail Industry.

We are guided by the principle that all men are created equal. We will apply equal, unbiased opportunities to all regardless of age, gender/sexual orientation and physical attributes.