Chef Dino Guingona

The Java Symphony

First a sonata. A splendid, well thought out solo performance. The execution was precise, harmonious and deeply engaging… he audience are captivated by a superb original take on a classic piece.
Hey, this was just a prelude.
And then…..the segue.

The brain behind the concept

The pianist is joined by woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion and bass in a hair raising full orchestra performance.

When we did a feature exactly a year ago entitled: “The Dissident Oasis”, I emphatically declared that the SINGLE ORIGIN would be “the hottest port of call in the Metro“.

Now, I’m not really in the habit of self aggrandisement. But please allow me to say this just once: I TOLD YOU SO!

Is a sequel to a previous article worth getting into?

Read on.

Aspiring chefs, budding restaurateurs, young businessmen, listen carefully to this outstanding performance.

The music is well composed, the execution flawless.

The triad of Carlo Gordon-Lorenzana, Chef Jj Saycon and Jackie Lorenzana have proven that a collaborative effort should always be founded on the premise that a team should compliment one another rather than dispute with one another on points of disagreement.

Jackie & Carlo sharing a light moment with partner Don Barandiaran on the eve of “show time”

A healthy discussion should be readily in place.

Give more than you receive.

Respect and you will be respected.

This is harmony in its purest form.

I openly praise this young team for their foresight. Their penchant for being original. Trend setters even.

Their collaborative effort is reminiscent of Sayka Shoji’s flawless rendition of Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto in D major.

From where I stand, their coherence as a team is crystal clear.

Head Chef JJ Saycon

The greatest reward of being ahead of the field is simple.

By the time every Tom, Dick and Pedro attempts to knock you off, you’ve already established yourself. You’re more than halfway there.

Together, they are a formidable team that possess this uncanny ability to roll out a unique concept, investing large amounts of money based on good instincts, due diligence, perseverance and a spate of good luck.

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